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About Us

The company was founded in 2015, trading as RKS Projects (Pty) Ltd set out as an entity that will provide services to various aspects of businesses such as project management, retail expansion, route to market, sales and marketing, distribution and construction industries. The business team boasts with an extensive experience of over 25 years in sales and marketing, project management, logistics and working with construction industries which was brought up by identifying the gaps in the market place and outsourced services to render to other stakeholders. 

The business has assisted SADC countries with RTM (Route to Market) models to maximize profits and increase volumes in order to leverage business continuity, effectiveness and efficiency. We are an entity which embraces professionalism and respect code of ethics. 

The company vision is to provide highly professional services to our customers and ensure that our trade team meets the client’s expectations at all times. Provide our trade team with necessary tools to enable them to deliver the best service to our customers.

RKS mission is to:

Provide efficient and cost effective service solutions

Build a long term relationships with clients

Achieve high customer satisfaction levels

Continuously improve services to our clients

Maintain professional work ethics with all stakeholders




Entrepreneurial Spirit


We operate in a broad spectrum of services which also include consulting services in sales, retail, project management, supply chain and construction space.  RKS has various capabilities which are to provide service/s enabled by working relationships it has with its counterparts who are highly professional and skilled in those areas of expertise.  

We also join venture with entities that provide collaborated services to deliver outstanding results to our clients. Our primary focus is providing service to SMME’s and macro businesses which operate in the same business environment.

Our Products and Services

Project Management

Implementation of both formal and informal projects in markets providing sale and marketing, routing and retail expansion. Assist with various models to use to capture the market in order to increase volumes.

Retail Expansion

Ensure proactive retail service by identifying potential retailers in areas difficult to access due to poor infrastructure.  Assist frequent purchasing retailers with implementing SSD’s to provide service to them.

Construction Services and Supplies

We have a strong collaboration with construction providing services such as installation of industrial air conditioning and electrical maintenance

Route to Market

Experts in RTM models which can be used to service tier 3 markets to ensure product availability and tailored visit frequency

Sales and Marketing

We assist our partners by sharing sales information in order for them to arrest opportunities missed during trade operations. We also assist with cycle activities in order to reach expanded marketing territory.


The company has various capacity of vehicles to assist logistics and distribution entities to distribute and supply its products to its customers by subcontracting with them.

Relationship Building

Continuous building of relationship with stakeholders in order to achieve a win-win situation

Property Renovations

We also collaborate with highly skilled partners who do property renovations

Logistics and distribution of products is an essential function of the business which needs reliable transportation to reach its clients on time and in full.  We understand and fully play our part in this space for all of us to reach a common goal – CUSTOMER SATISFACTION